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The Digital Content Trio

Content Strategy | Copywriting | Creative 

The Digital Content Trio


Content Strategy

A well-laid-out approach on what types of content would best achieve your brand’s marketing objectives. 


No more struggle to come up with captivating captions for your post! Copies that sell your brand and resonates with your audience. 


There are 3 possible responses to a design – Yes, No, and WOW! Wow is what you will get from us.

What the digital content trio entails:

  • Content strategy, Copies, and Creatives
  • Content strategy is tailored to meet brands current marketing objectives
  • Copies are styled to maintain the brand’s voice and tonality
  • Creatives are designed in line with the brand’s guidelines – logo, color, font, e.t.c 2. 20 original posts (average for a month period)
  • Comes with suggested hashtags per post
  • Media formats – Images and Basic animated text videos
  • Content can be deployed across any social media platform of choice

COST: ₦100,000

What People Say

Onu May, NG

More than a year of team Mode Media creating content and managing our company page and it's been seamless

Eva Rice, NG

I love how the content makes even me chuckle every time I review it. Good job team

Meks, NG

Just started working with these guys. Content is really good and I have started noticing a little increase in engagement on my Instagram page.

Yes, I want to buy this package, Let's Get Working!